Pizza School at The Stable, Bournemouth

Pizza – one of the only things that the kid will agree to eat, apart from jam sandwiches and Quavers. Thankfully though, my evening at The Stable with the Bournemouth Bloggers was child free!

I arrived, exhausted after a busy Wednesday at work, to meet up with the rest of the lovely Bournemouth Bloggers. We received a warm welcome and were shown to the area where our ‘pizza school’ session would take place. We were then treated to some of their sharing boards; first up was the ‘Vegan Sharing Board’, piled high with garlic and rosemary olives, marinated tomatoes, salad, pickles, butterbean aioli, smoked paprika humous, tomato chutney and sticks of sourdough to scoop up all the tastiness.

Our Capreolus Charcuterie and Cheese Sharing Board, which we didn’t want to share.

My favourite though was the ‘Capreolus Charcuterie and Cheese’ sharer. It is described on the menu as “award-winning cured coppa, chorizo and pork loin with a selection of artisanal cheese, our house pickles, whipped garlic butter & spiced tomato chutney”, and it was delicious. So much so that when someone moved ours away from us, @mollyyrees and I were distraught. It was in fact too good to share!

Patrick and Charlie, our pizza experts.

After our tasting session, our Pizza School began. Our expert teacher was Patrick, The Stables’ Executive Chef, and he was joined by Charlie. They took us through the process of how they make The Stables signature sauce, which takes much more time and care than I would have thought. But it is definitely worth it, as I later found out when tasting it on our pizzas. They then talked us through how they make and mix their dough, using their sourdough starter, which is known in every Stable as Gerry. He has to be ‘fed’ regularly, and is the basis of each pizza made in the restaurants. After learning about the preparation processes, we were able to jump in and ‘get our hands dirty’ by creating our own pizzas. I went for a simple but delicious mix of pepperoni and peppers, a whole lot of cheese. They were then sent off to the oven, and soon we got to see our creations glistening in all their cheesy, doughy beauty.

Would you just look at that beauty!

I opted to take mine away, and gobble it up when I got home. Unfortunately, the kid that loves pizza was still awake, and I swear she could smell it before I even got through the door! So I had to share; with her and my husband. (Note to self: eat pizza in the car next time).

This was my first visit to The Stables, and I was really impressed by our experience there. The food was good, the drinks Range was extensive, and the staff were so welcoming and accommodating. If you are looking for delicious pizza, and a large choice of drinks, then I recommend paying a visit to The Stable. Throw in the fact that they use as much local produce as possible including their ciders, and that they strive to be as green and sustainable as possible; I think we are definitely onto a winner with this one.

We were invited to The Stable and provided with complimentary drinks and nibbles, as well as the pizzas that we created during the evening. However, all words, images and opinions expressed here are my own.


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