World Gin Day at Ginjams

World Gin Day at Ginjams

People of Britain; if you are looking for most chic gin and wine bar with the loveliest staff, then stop the search: I’ve found us a winner!

Ginjams is a hidden gem, tucked away in the buzzy area of Westbourne.  I’d never visited before, but World Gin Day seemed like the perfect time to pay my first visit. As soon as we arrived we were given a warm welcome, and a ‘gin passport’ on which we could tick off each gin as we tried it.  I am always astounded by how many different types there are; and Ginjams has a huge variety of flavours. The staff are so knowledgeable and passionate about what they do, but they are also very friendly and approachable; so any questions we had or requests for recommendations were met with a huge smile and an enthusiastic response. Exactly what you need when you are a recent gin convert.

There were tables covered with every gin or tonic you could imagine – a real gin lover’s heaven! During our visit I tried a selection of gins including strawberry, coconut, raspberry, clotted cream and lemon. They were all delicious and it was such a great chance to try so many drinks that I wouldn’t normally have the chance to, with that added bonus of doing so in such calm and friendly surroundings.

The décor is modern but comfortable, with lots of clever little touches that grab your attention.  The seating areas are cosy, and there is a garden space at the back of the bar for those long summer days when you want to enjoy your favourite gin in the sunshine.

As well as serving tasty gins, Ginjams also serves a large range of food and nibbles to perfectly compliment your gin choices. We were lucky enough to try some of the nibbles during our visit and they were all deliciously moreish. Whilst browsing through the menu, an interesting take on the traditional English Cream Tea caught my eye, with it being served alongside three gins from a choice of marmalade, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, rhubarb or clotted cream flavours.  This is such a novel idea, and I can’t wait to visit again soon to try this for myself!

Overall, I had a fabulous afternoon celebrating World Gin Day at Ginjams.  It is a quirky bar with great décor, lovely staff and a huge selection of gins, backed up with great knowledge, enthusiasm and a really warm welcome. It’s a great find, and somewhere I’ll be returning to again and again. To find out more about Ginjams, visit them here:



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  1. 11th August 2018 / 10:33 am

    I’ve only recently realised I LOVE gin!! That little place looks fabulous!! Lovely read you seem to have had the best time!! x

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